1. Cocorosie

  2. REBIRTH of GAEA - Flowing Meditation

    Jesse Michael Newman

  3. Animagifaqatsi

    Testing the hypothesis that anything accompanied by Philip Glass’ music can be profound. 

    from wreck & salvage

  4. Belly - Julia Pott

    I really like this

  5. Interview Magazine/ Tensegrity

  6. How to open yogurt correctly

  7. 20:51 3rd Mar 2012

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    True, true.

  8. The Lenticular Body

  9. foamboy…

  10. 11:36

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    White Out 

    by mark whalen

  11. EyesDown by Bonobo (Remix by Machine Drum)

    Directed and Animated by Anthony Francisco Schepperd

  12. a video channel beyond description