1. One day Mulla Nasruddin saw a crowd gathered around a pond. A Muslim priest with a huge turban on his head had fallen in the water and was calling for help. People were leaning over and saying, “Give me your hand, Reverend!
    Give me your hand!” But the priest didn’t pay attention to their offer to rescue him; He kept wrestling with the water and shouting for help.
         Finally the Mulla stepped forward,”Let me handle this.” He stretched out his hand toward the priest and shouted at him, “Take my hand!”
         The priest grabbed the Mulla’s hand and was hoisted out of the pond. People, very surprised, asked the Mulla for the secret of his strategy.
         “It is very simple,” he replied, “I knew this miser wouldn’t give anything to anyone. So instead of saying ‘Give me your hand’ I said, ‘Take my hand’ and sure enough he took it.”


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  3. Every time I visit this site I come away with a broadened perspective on the possibility of what can actually be accomplished by human beings

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